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Oakland, California Estate Planning Lawyers

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A good estate plan protects your assets and personal decisions, provides for your loved ones, and gives you peace of mind. Failure to plan appropriately could cost your estate money that would otherwise have been passed on to your heirs. At a minimum, an estate plan should include a will, power of attorney, and health care directive. Depending on your situation and needs, a living trust and other planning options can achieve your goals.

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Horton, West & Bowman LLP has extensive experience in all aspects of estate planning. Our legal team provides a full range of estate planning services and advice for clients with estate legal matters throughout the East Bay Area.

Our Process for Estate Planning

Our Oakland estate planning lawyers will work closely with you to understand your family, your financial situation and your goals. We help our clients identify and refine their objectives, and develop plans that best accomplish them. If you have minor children, it will be important to name a guardian for your children in the event of your death.

As your personal and family circumstances change, our firm can amend your estate plan in a cost-effective manner.

Complex Estate Planning Services

Our firm has experience with clients with large estates and complex issues. We can create a trust or trusts designed to meet your goals and to protect your assets, avoid probate, and minimize estate taxes. If you have a disabled child, we can create a special needs trust to provide funds for specific purposes while preserving federal and state benefits. The goal of our law firm is to provide the right solution for your specific needs.

Trust and Estate Planning Attorney in Alameda County, California

Horton, West & Bowman LLP is an Alameda County, California, estate planning law firm with over 60 years’ experience and a commitment to carrying out the intent of the person who signed the will or established the trust. We also assist clients in probate, trust and estate administration to see that the client’s intent is achieved.

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