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A conservatorship is a legal proceeding in which a judge appoints a responsible person (conservator) to provide care for an adult who cannot care for himself or herself, or his or her finances (conservatee). If no advance planning is in place to provide for a third party to manage finances, medical decisions and personal care during incapacity, the appointed conservator is able to act on behalf of the conservatee in these matters. Because conservatorships are a complex court proceeding, they should be considered a last resort.

A conservatorship is particularly useful when the protected person is physically or mentally unable to accept help or understand the need for help, or is vulnerable to people who might take advantage of their situation.

Who can Petition to Become a Conservator

A petition to appoint a conservator may be filed by:

  • The domestic partner or spouse of the proposed conservatee
  • The proposed conservatee
  • Any interested state or local agency or entity, or any public officer or employee of a local public entity.
  • A relative
  • A friend or other interested person

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